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Best Spots in the 815 for Dogs!

Best Spots in the 815 for Dogs!

Rockford Buzz

Posted by Rockford Buzz

Posted on August 29, 2021





Since Thursday was National Dog Day, we thought it would be a great time to tell you about some of the best places in the 815 for your furry friends to shop, get pampered, or take a vacation! Even dogs like to #ShopLocal and support the 815 so spoil your dogs and Rockford by taking them to any of the spots below!

Meyer’s Tails Up Farm:

If your dog needs a little vacation, Meyer’s is the place to go! They do lodging, grooming, daycare, and training! They’re situated on 18 acres of land for your dogs to run and play! They also have a pool for your pooch to kick backend relax with their sunglasses and a pool floaty. Their staff will love your dog like their own as their main goal is to provide the highest level of care, cleanliness, and safety!


Dog Paddle Beach:

Dog Paddle Beach is the perfect place for your fur baby to take a dip! It is an indoor pool with 90-degree water to provide the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible for your dog! Swimming can be a great way to keep senior dogs active without injuring their joints or getting rid of excess energy in a puppy! The pool is open year-round and your pooch will love always love a fun trip to Dog Paddle Beach!


Bowties Pet Salon:

If your dog needs a new hairdo or a mani/pedi, Bowties Pet Salon is there for whatever needs your pet has! The staff at Bowties Pet Salon knows how to make your pet the most beautiful/handsome they have ever been!


My Pet Food Store:

My Pet Food Store in Loves Park was voted one of the top 5 pet stores in the 815! It's the perfect place for your pets to do their grocery shopping! They carry the best and top-rated all-natural pet foods, treats, chews, and supplies! They focus on holistic, natural, and organic pet foods because they know how important your pet’s health is to you!


Bark on Mulford:

This is the store that your dog will always want to go to for new outfits and toys! This lovely little dog boutique on Mulford has all of the cutest dog clothes, collars, leashes, and toys! Make your pet an absolute fashionista at Bark on Mulford!


Cherry Valley Feed and Supplies:

Cherry Valley Feed and Supplies is a great place for feeding ALL of your critters big and small! Not only can they feed your actual puppies but they also have food for your grass puppies (aka horses, chickens, goats, and whatever else you’ve got)! 


Cherry Valley Holistics:

If you like to feed your dogs raw food, Cherry Valley Holistics is a great spot for you! They source all products from local farms that use sustainable and humane farming practices, so you know your pooch is getting the best of the best! Nothing says I love you to a dog like a delicious beef heart!


Canine Crunchery:

Going to the Canine Crunchery is like going to a coffee shop but for your dog! They get to enjoy the aroma of their favorite thing, the thing that wakes them up in the morning, motivates their every achievement…TREATS! Freshly baked treats at that! Canine Crunchery is Rockford’s premier dog treat bakery! They have a fantastic selection of treats for a variety of different dietary needs!


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Buy You Bird Seed From Cherry Valley Feed and Supplies!

Buy You Bird Seed From Cherry Valley Feed and Supplies!

ATTENTION BIRD LOVERS‼️ Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies has everything you need to feed your birds this fall! From seed to feeders, pro bird watchers, and people who simply like to help out their neighborhood feathered friends can enjoy the variety and quality at Cherry Valley Feed and Supplies!🐦 #815Over60 #BirdFeeder

October 26, 2021

Congratulations Hulsebus Chiropractic!

Congratulations Hulsebus Chiropractic!

And the award goes to...(drumroll)...HULSEBUS CHIROPRACTIC!🏆 Of course, the 815 already knew Hulsebus Rockford Chiropractic was the best, but now they have an AWARD to show for it! Send them some love for all that they have achieved!❤️ #815Over60 #Award

October 25, 2021

Enjoy Halloween Family Fun At Rockford Park District's Boo Bash!

Enjoy Halloween Family Fun At Rockford Park District's Boo Bash!

Do you need something fun for the whole family to do this Halloween weekend? Well then, you're in luck! Rockford Park District's Carlson Ice Arena and Sapora Playworld, 4150 N. Perryville Rd., Loves Park, will host indoor family fun during Boo Bash, a weekend of spooktacular special events, and discounted admissions Friday-Sunday, October 29-31, 2021!Come dressed in your best family-friendly costume to ice skate to themed music; children can explore Playworld, the three-level soft indoor playground for ages 1-12 with a Tiny Tots Playspace for ages 1-3, decorated for the weekend. A costume party with candy will also be part of each event’s fun.No discount coupons will be accepted for the weekend’s admission, events, or activities.Friday, October 29, 8-10 p.m. - Frosty Fridays public ice skating session: $7 per person including skate rentalSaturday, October 30, 1-3 p.m. - Skate and Play Special: $8 per person admission includes public ice skating session admission and skate rental, and admission to Sapora Playworld. A meal deal will be available for purchase.Sunday, October 31, 2-4 p.m. - Skate and Play Special: $8 per person admission includes public ice skating session admission and skate rental, and admission to Sapora Playworld. A meal deal will be available for purchase.

October 24, 2021

Brett Whitacre: Mural Artist

Brett Whitacre: Mural Artist

Brett Whitacre has a passion for art, but not just any art, BIG art!🎨 Brett specializes in paintings and murals that are so big you can get sucked right into them! Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.😂 Check out his work at Brett Whitacre - Artist page! #815Over60 #MuralArtist

October 23, 2021

Weekend Roundup October 22-24

Weekend Roundup October 22-24

WOW! You guys are in luck this weekend because there are SO MANY FREAKIN’ EVENTS! There’s shopping, art exhibits, Halloween-themed events, and more! You can find even more events to fill your weekend with at rockfordbuzz.com/events! The Midwest Rustic:On Friday and Saturday from 10am - 5pm head to The Midwest Rustic for their Harry Potter Day and Trick or Treating Event! They have a Harry Potter set-up on display for all of the wizard nerds out there, as well as a hidden Golden Snitch in the store! If you find the Golden Snitch you can get 15% off your purchase!Then on Saturday night from 5-7pm, The Midwest Rustic is calling all moms! They will be hosting a Mom’s Night Out Sip and Shop event after hours in their store! Taco Betty’s will be on-site serving margaritas for purchase while you shop around the store for jewelry, decor, clothing, and more! They are offering 15% off your purchase, door prizes, a chance to win a $200 gift card to Willow Beauty Center, and wooden ornament painting for $10!Rockford Art Museum:Rockford Art Museum’s Art in Bloom Exhibit will be on display at the Rockford Art Museum ALL WEEKEND LONG! From 10am - 5pm and $7 admission, you can explore the wonderful live floral exhibition of Art in Bloom! That's right, this exhibit features art made with live florals and other organic materials! On Saturday starting at 6pm, you can purchase a ticket for Fashion in Bloom, a fashion show featuring designs made with live florals and organic materials. Pre-registration is required for this event and tickets are $75 so purchase your ticket today!Culture Shock:On Saturday from 10am - 5pm, check out the Rockford area’s local record stores for the 7th annual Record Crawl! Rockford’s 3 independent record stores will be offering free admission, amazing specials, prizes for visiting all 3 locations, giveaways, AND SO MUCH MORE! Check out Culture Shock’s event listing on Rockford Buzz or their Facebook for more details!Midway Village Museum:On Saturday from 12pm - 6pm, head to Midway Village Museum for their All Hallows’ Eve Event! Enjoy trick-or-treating in the historic village along with other family-friendly activities as this in-person event returns. A new pumpkin carving contest is begin introduced this year with pre-registration. The contest will have various age entries with pre-carved and in-person categories. $6 per person admission.Barnstormer Distillery:On Saturday from 3:30pm - 7:30pm, Barnstormer Distillery is having a FOOD TRUCK SATURDAY! The food truck will be Hector’s Cocina, a Mexican food delight from Oregon, IL to stratify your hunger and locally distilled alcohol from Barnstormer Distillery (DUH) to quench your thirst! What could be better than tacos and fancy drinks?? We think NOTHING!

October 22, 2021

The Pottery Lounge: Art, Family Fun, and Creativity

The Pottery Lounge: Art, Family Fun, and Creativity

Have you ever been to The Pottery Lounge?🤔 NO?! Well, what are you doing with your life?!🤯 The Pottery Lounge is a fun-filled experience for the whole family! They prepare the ceramic pieces beforehand, then you and the family paint them however you like. They also have great family events and trivia nights! #815Over60 #Pottery

October 21, 2021

Rockford Public Library invites you to the RPL New Main Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Rockford Public Library invites you to the RPL New Main Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Rockford is getting a NEW public library, and they are breaking ground TODAY! So, if you want to join in the celebratory groundbreaking, head to 215 N. Wyman St. in Rockford TODAY at 11 am!Please join Mayor Tom McNamara, Rockford Public Library (RPL) Board of Trustees along with Studio GWA, Engberg Anderson Architects, Scandroli Construction, and other key Library partners in a ceremony launching the construction of Rockford’s brand-new Public Library. “At long last, we are so happy to celebrate the beginning of construction of our new Main Library,” said RPL Executive Director Lynn Stainbrook. “With the land 215 N. Wyman Street now completely safe for building, we are more than ready to begin the creation of Rockford’s newest place of pride, RPL’s New Main Library.” Note: From Wyman St., turn right on Park Ave, make a quick right into the Parking Lot near the Hinshaw & Culbertson building, park your car, then enter Gate 1 and proceed to the Main Library building site. 

October 20, 2021

2021 Record Crawl

2021 Record Crawl

You spin me right 'round, babyRight 'round like a record, babyRight 'round, 'round, 'roundThe 2021 Record Crawl is right around the corner! Unfortunately, Jake will not be doing live performances during the event, but you can replay this video as many times as you want!🤣 Shop all the best sales and specials at your favorite independent record stores! #815Over60 #RecordCrawlCulture Shock - Clothing and Records Toad Hall Books and Records CD Source

October 19, 2021

Don't Freeze, Call Greenlink Energy Solutions

Don't Freeze, Call Greenlink Energy Solutions

If you're freezing in your own home like Jake and Leah, call Greenlink Energy Solutions! They will make sure your house is buttoned up and warm for the winter!🔥 Don't wait until it's a frozen tundra outside before you realize your home is leaking heat!❄️ #815Over60 #Cold

October 18, 2021

A Rockford Ghost Story!

A Rockford Ghost Story!

There is a warehouse on the Southeast side of Rockford that has an unusual problem. The problem isn’t with wiring or plumbing; this warehouse has a ghost. Actually, it has a couple of them. But the most disturbing one is the ghost of a little girl. No one can remember when they started hearing stories about this little girl, but all agree it has been years.The little girl is seen all over the area but mainly near the intersection of Samuelson and 6th Streets. Yolanda Weisensel, owner of Command Post Restaurant and Camp Grant Museum states that she has heard quite a bit about the child. She is 5-8 years old, has long light brown hair, and wears a dress with stockings and boots. “She seems to be from the 1910-1920s era. I have heard several stories. Someone told me they can remember a little girl that got hit by a train back when the train tracks ran down 6th Street,” Weisensel states. There is one person who is reluctant to talk about the little girl, however. He works in the previously mentioned warehouse and we will call him “Sam.” “I was moving some pipes in the warehouse. I would bend over and pick up a pipe and move it to its new location,” explained Sam. There is a door that has a window set the top half, right across from where Sam was working and what he saw in the reflection of the window startled him so much that he no longer likes to be in the warehouse at night by himself.When Sam stood up with a pipe, he caught his reflection in the glass of the door. He had seen that same window at least a dozen times, but this time something was different. When Sam looked into the glass, he saw more than his own reflection. Standing next to him was the reflection of a little girl. She was about 6-7 years old, had light brown hair and was wearing a dress. Even more alarming to Sam, the girl reached out for his hand and just as he saw the little girl’s hand touch his, his whole right arm went cold. Sam quickly looked next to him. There was no one there.Sam turned to look back into the window and the little girl was still there.Sam is not a man to frighten easily. He’s a large man, 6 foot 3inches or so, and probably 230 pounds. But he shared with me that he was Samoan and his Pacific Island people were very superstitious about the dead. The Pacific people believe that objects that reflect one’s image are a portal to the Spirit realm. To steal the souls of the living, evil spirits sometimes take on the appearance of loved ones that have passed away.While others might have been curious and even possibly thrilled that the little girl had contacted them, Sam was not. He does not want to be disrespectful toward the little girl, but he really doesn’t ever want to see her again.Other people have seen this same little girl outside of the building, skipping along both 6th Street and Samuelson Roads and picking the wildflowers that grow up along the roadside. They claim that she is just as solid as any other living little girl. The only thing odd about her is she is dressed in clothes from another time.Despite our research into the train accidents in that particular area, and reviewing news reports on a child that died at that intersection, the little girl’s identity remains as elusive as her reason for lingering here.Story by: Kathi KresolPhoto by: Kathi Kresol

October 17, 2021

Sapora Playworld is OPEN!

Sapora Playworld is OPEN!

If you've ever wanted to see an adult man playing alone in a giant indoor playground, then BOY, DO WE HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU!😂 If that creeps you out, then congrats, you're probably a normal person!😃 But what you NEED to know is that Sapora Playworld is open again! No matter how cold it gets outside, your kids will always have a place to burn off some steam at Sapora's!🏃 #816Over60 #IndoorPlayground

October 16, 2021

Weekend Roundup October 15-17

Weekend Roundup October 15-17

There are so many great events to choose from this weekend! You can watch the season kick-off of our favorite Rockford IceHogs, take the kids to the Discovery Center to learn how fun chemistry is, celebrate 5Bar’s first birthday, or practice yoga in the park with Rockton Sanctuary Spa! OR you could do all of them and MORE! You can find even more events to fill your weekend with at rockfordbuzz.com/events! Friday:On Friday at 6 pm, watch the Rockford IceHogs kick off the season at the BMO! Fans are invited to the BMO to watch the IceHogs open their 23rd season of professional hockey as the team travels to Grand Rapids to take on the Griffins. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and the game will start at 6 p.m. All fans will be able to access the arena by using the stairs on the North side of the building (off of Elm St.) and entering through the doors into the upper concourse. The Fiesta Watch Party will take place in the Blue Flame Lounge as both the IceHogs and Blackhawks games will be playing. IceHogs merchandise will also be on sale as the mobile Oink Outfitters stand will be open during the event that will run from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Fans can also take advantage of tacos, nachos, and margaritas at the event. A limited number of other food items will also be available for purchase along with Bud Lights, Pepsi, and bottled water. The BMO Harris Bank Center is now cashless.Saturday:On Saturday from 9:30 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm join The Discovery Center Museum for a fun chemistry event! From oodles of fizz and columns of foam to explosions, join them for some crazy chemistry demonstrations to celebrate National Chemistry Week and give you a “feel” for chemical changes. Included with Discovery Center admission. Reservations and masks are required. $10/Public; Free to Members and all children ages one and younger. Advance registration is required. Register online at DiscoveryCenterMuseum.org or call 815-963-6769 on weekdays. Face coverings are required for everyone ages 2 and older. Museum reservations - https://discoverycentermuseum.tamretail.net/SelectEvent.aspx?eventid=1004681On Saturday starting at 11 am, head to 5Bar for their one-year celebration! That's right, 5Bar is having its first birthday and is celebrating with CARROT CAKE SHOTS! Dance the night away, drink fancy shots and cocktails, and enjoy a night out to celebrate Roscoe’s funkiest bar turning ONE! The festivities can start as early as 11 am and go well into the early hours of 2 am! The only requirement is to have a good time!Sunday:On Sunday from 9-10 am and 10:15-11:15 am, Rockton Sanctuary Spa is hosting Yoga in the Park! Join Rockton Sanctuary Spa for a day of rejuvenation and relaxation at Settler’s Park in Rockton! Bring yourself, water, and a yoga mat! Spend your Sunday stretching and energizing your body for the week! All are invited and welcome! Admission is $10 per person!

October 15, 2021

Rockford's New Police and Fire Chiefs!

Rockford's New Police and Fire Chiefs!

Rockford has new police and fire chiefs! For the first time in Rockford’s history, each of these positions will be led by women! This means Carla Redd and Michele Pankow will be making Rockford history! Be a part of this special moment by participating in the zoom event hosted by The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford!The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford invites you to hear Rockford’s new Police Chief, Carla Redd, and new Fire Chief, Michelle Pankow, on Sunday, October 17, 2021.  The LWVGR Local Government Committee, chaired by Terri Schierer, is hosting a Zoom meeting with Chiefs Redd and Pankow. League member Mary McNamara Bernsten will be the moderator. They are the first women to hold these positions in Rockford’s history. It is also the first time the Rockford Police Department will be led by a person of color.  Each Chief will share their vision and answer a few pre-submitted questions. If you have a question, please email localgovernment@lwvgr.org or call her at 815-201-3901.  The program will be held virtually on Sunday, October 17, 2021, 2:00 – 3:00 pm. Registration is required. League members are encouraged to attend.

October 13, 2021

Family Fun at Carlson Ice Arena!

Family Fun at Carlson Ice Arena!

The fact that Jake DOESN'T wipe out in this video is a miracle!😂 Who knew he was such a good figure skater?!⛸️ Now you can try out your skills on the ice because open skate is back at Carlson Ice Arena! Watch the video for more details! #815Over60#IceSkatingCarlsonCarlson Ice Arena & Riverview Ice House - Rockford Park DistrictRockford Park District

October 12, 2021

Discovery Center Museum Turns 40!

Discovery Center Museum Turns 40!

Discovery Center Museum is officially over the hill!🎉 Yep, they turned 40 this year. And to celebrate, they got themselves the BEST birthday present! A BRAND NEW WATER TABLE! So grab the kids and try it out! #815Over60 #DiscoveryCenter

October 11, 2021