Hi there! If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you’re going to be shooting us a message, so thanks in advance. In case you’re curious about the company and it’s history, here’s the short version.

RockfordBuzz.com was launched by me in September of 2014 with the goal of becoming that go-to resource for the community that everyone’s been asking about for the past decade or more. We’ve been pro-Rockford long before we launched Rockford Buzz and finally found a way to spread the love.

One day we had had enough of the haters talking smack about Rockford, and only ever discussing the negative things. Sure, there’s some things in Rockford that definitely need work, but there’s a ton of really REALLY good stuff too! So that’s why, with the help of an amazing team, we built this site. We wanted to create a space that focused on the good, positive, local things that are happening within and around the Rockford region.

So whether it’s to say “hi”, give us the heads up on an event, or shoot us some feedback, we can’t wait to read your message!